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Common Foot Problems

Bunions & Hammertoes Treatment

Bunions Treatment | Hammertoes Treatment | Sports Injuries Treatment | Upper West Side Bunions and hammertoes are common conditions that cause physical deformities in the feet as a result of muscle disorders, injury, arthritis, abnormal walking habits or other factors. A bunion is an abnormal bony bump that develops at the base of the big toe, leading to swelling and pain. Hammertoes refers to a crooked, deviated or contracted toe, as well as an abnormal "v"-shaped bending of the little toes.

Patients with these conditions often have trouble walking, especially when wearing shoes. Bunions and hammertoes usually worsen over time, making successful treatment essential to relieving symptoms. Although they are generally not serious conditions, they can be painful and embarrassing. It is important for patients with bunions or hammertoes to seek medical attention and discuss their treatment options with Dr. Dixon in order to develop a personalized approach. Early treatment is always considered most effective.

Treatment of bunions and hammertoes depends on the severity of the condition, but may range from changing shoes and applying ice to performing physical therapy and even surgery for severe cases. Medication is often recommended to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, while orthotics may also be created to restore the foot to a normal position and restrict any abnormal movement.

Surgery for bunions and hammertoes aims to relieve pain, inflammation, stiffness and physical deformity. In the event of surgery, a small section of bone is removed from the foot through techniques such as arthroplasty, bunionectomy or arthrodesis to fuse together the joints in the toe. Metal screws, pins or plates may be used to hold the toe in position while it heals. Dr. Dixon will determine the best treatment option for you after a thorough evaluation of your condition.

Sports Injuries Treatment

 Sports Injuries Treatment | Upper West Side Special treatment is often needed for athletes who overuse their feet and ankles. Our sports medicine specialty provides support for conditions such as stress fractures, heel pain, Achilles tendonitis and neuromas. Whether you are a professional, amateur or recreational athlete, you are often at risk for foot problems.

Sports-related conditions can occur as a result of injury, wear-and-tear or infection. Different activities place different areas at a higher risk for damage, so it is important to take the necessary precautions to protect your feet. Treatment for sports-related conditions can involve surgery, orthotics, physical therapy and rest.

While treatment varies depending on the type and severity of the condition, Dr. Dixon is experienced in working with athletes of every kind to help them recover as quickly and effectively as possible in order to return to their chosen sport. He also utilizes the most advanced, minimally invasive treatments available to ensure fast, yet thorough healing.

Dr. Dixon also provides patients with preventive measures to reduce the risk of injuries and allowing for optimal physical health. Athletes should see their doctor on a regular basis in order to detect any problems in their earliest stages, as continuing to exercise or play sports with an injury can significantly worsen the severity of the condition.

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Common Foot Problems

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